We saw people wearing bucket hats at Paris Fashion Week. Are they back?

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Are bucket hats back for good again? If the ongoing ten day long Paris Fashion Week is any indication, it may be a good time to clean the dust off your old bucket hat and put it back on. The runway in Paris is considered to be a place where trends are set, and this season, there are a lot of bucket hats.

For those of you who want to know what a bucket hat is, it is a wide, downward-sloping hat made of cotton, wool or other heavy duty fabrics. Known to be first adopted as a high fashion item in the 1960s, it was later revived several times in both street fashion and on the ramp. In what was a thing of the ’90s, looks like it is set to hit the wardrobe again.

Only last month, Bella Hadid, model and fashion influencer, walked the ramp with a bucket hat on.

The photographs below were taken at the Paris Fashion Week by reputed fashion photographer, Vanni Bassetti. These pictures of models in bucket hats took us back to the ’90s and added a dash of vintage to it.