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When you work at an office, it can be hard to be fashionable at times. People often opt for what works rather than what looks great.

While the daily work lifestyle can be hard to deal with, it doesn’t always have to be ‘safe and boring.’ Your clothes have a huge impact on how you feel, so practicing to be stylish at the office could improve your overall sense of confidence.

With these five amazing tips, you’ll be able to find items that are functional without compromising on your personal style.

Fitting is everything
Formal work environments thrive on being organized and properly put together. Company expectations, culture and reputation make up a large part on how we dress. Also, as an employee, you want to be taken seriously, so dressing definitely matters.

For these reasons, always ensure that your clothes fit you well. Clothes that are too big or too small can leave you looking sloppy and unkempt. Ensure that you buy the right size and keep up as you weight fluctuates. Some items might be too small of too large by the end of the year so you should definitely get things resized when necessary or consider replacing them.

Have the right undergarments
Undergarments play a vital role in your overall feel and look. Your outfit is more than just random bras and panties so getting the right ones makes a difference. Your outfit might look great but the wrong underwear brings out the visible panty line or VPN. And if you have the wrong bra underneath your blouse, it looks detestable. If you have a white blouse on, ensure that you have a dark bra or one that is close to your skin tone.

Have statement pieces
Statement pieces have the power to boost your office look. When you don’t have much to work with in terms of your dressing, have statement bags, shoes, watches or even scarves. People will subconsciously appreciate you for your effort even in strict work environments that have certain dress codes. Break some of the rules by making your work life more interesting and less boring.

Learn to mix prints
Print mixing is another great way to beat the system at your work place. If done right, you’ll be able to stand out and boost your confidence while doing so. To do it right, play with items with similar colors in different textures, or even different patterns with similar colors for a well put together look. This way, if you can only wear a limited number of colors, you have textures and patterns to play with.

Keep things simple
You can never go wrong with simplicity. At times, attempts to look fashionable can go overboard and backfire. You might end up looking too sexy at the office or too casual also. Avoid this by sticking to basic fashion rules and work on other areas such as hair, makeup and nails. These areas need just as much attention so keeping them in check is also essential for looking great at the office.