Tips (for women) to look fashionable in winters

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A big dressing dilemma for fashion-conscious women during the cold and dry season is to stay warm while also not compromising on the look.

During winters, when piling-up anything and everything that comes to sight seems like the only legit way to go out, but your fashion sense could take a hit.

Here are simple tips to help you (both) stay and look hot.

Layer up (purposefully!)
Purposefully layering up will help keep you warm enough to head out, while also allowing you to maintain that much-desired chic look.

The trick involves picking up thinner pieces that offer good warmth, so that you don’t get burdened under the stock of heavy clothing.

Then, style up with variety- scarves, gloves, stockings, or whatever gets you going!

Cover the knees; Experiment with the wild
Cover the knees: If you have a pair or two of over-the-knee boots, but you always shy away from pulling them out, winter is the time to get going to both get the warmth and look hot.

Go wild: To look trendy, while also staying weather-appropriate, fur is the go-to style for winter season. Get hold of those furry jackets, scarves, gloves and caps.

Don’t shy away from whites; Keep your head warm
Wear white: White jackets and coats will look amazingly attractive while also staying weather-apt. Pair up your whites with darker prints or solids, to bring up a nice contrast.

Mind your head: Covering all your body but the head? Not a great idea! Not only will it make you cold, but also reduce your fashion quotient. So, invest in a warm, trendy hat/cap.