Styling: Seven fashion rules to ditch

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Style can be super intimidating when there are so many rules and what “people tell you to do and follow.”

Most of the time when I have a client or someone asks me for style advice, they tell me that they know they “aren’t allowed to do something.” We think we will look bad or be judged if we don’t adhere to them. The reality is THERE ARE NO FASHION rules. Style is meant to be an individual perspective. Here are seven rules to toss out this window this year:

1. Avoid clashing patterns

There used to be a time where we were told don’t wear too many patterns. Pattern mixing has become a trend for street style bloggers and style lovers across the world. It can be super playful and fun to mix prints and when done correctly you don’t have to worry about looking crazy.

2. Sneakers are for casual wear

Nope. They aren’t just for the gym or athleisure now. That’s right – we are all about mixing luxe and leisure together. Sneakers have been a fan favorite to add with midi skirts and sweaters or even dresses. Why not look dressy and COMFY at the same time?

3. Stop wearing white after Labor Day

This is a total No! White can be so chic and fresh in the winter. From boots to blazers you can keep this color in your wardrobe all year. The trick to wearing it during the winter is to look for appropriate fabrics and also pairing it with darker tones if you split up pieces would work best.

4. Black and blue don’t go together

This one was a big one drilled in our minds, but it has no merit. Most neutral colors go together – including this combo. If the two tones are similar layer them on top of each other. Cobalt blue and black always make a great pop as well. There’s really no wrong way to do it. And guess what. You can indeed mix brown and black together too.

5. Don’t mix your metals when it comes to jewelry

I still hear this a lot. If someone’s handbag has gold hardware, they feel like their jewelry must be gold too – not true. Mixing your metals actually gives off a really cool factor. I love the idea of mixing metals by stacking your bracelets or layering your necklaces as well.

6. Red and pink clash

Forget this one. In 2019, we will be seeing this as one of the biggest fashion trends and it is kind of like love at first sight. This duo feels contemporary, fun and actually makes a very feminine statement!

7. Pastels are only for Easter or for springtime

We have been loving pale pinks, blues and yellow is the color of 2019. You simply don’t have to wait until spring to wear these colors. You can look chic and fab doing it right now. A fun way to do this is to add a pastel as your pantsuit or your outerwear.