10 fashion tips you don’t hear often
I Guess I Dress Like Little Bo Peep Now

As the new season is inching closer, we are already looking forward to the latest fashion trends. Because yes, after the relentless heat of the summer, its hard not to get excited about the fall.

Since the winter fashion style is all about mixing different colours, going for layered clothes while keeping everything sleek and minimal, so its time to start preparing for your essential acquisitions which you need for this fall season.

Today, we have suggested four easy ideas to look sharp and amazing during the winter season:

Layering your clothes is the key
Investing on the right layering pieces and right material with different colours and shades is something one needs to be cautious about. Stock up your wardrobe with a great mix of long and short sleeved T-shirts, lightweight collared shirts, a cool sports jacket and of course a comfortable sweater.

Buy solid colours in textured fabric
Woollen knits, suede or velvet and even cotton fabrics with velvet ribs is a good way to keep your look interesting while keeping it easy on the eyes at the same time. This can be best done when you follow solid colours in textured fabrics. You can always match them up with dark solids or lighter greys and other soft shades.

Create a pattern in your clothes
With the layers taking its place, it is also time for solid, muted colours. It might not be a rule to follow, but the solid earthy tones and darker shades of orange, green go well with the season. Men should always keep it minimal with solids and not layer them in a way that makes the look come across as overpowering. Keep the colours varied, but they should mostly be solid and try creating a pattern with the solid layers you plan to wear.

Cover your legs with light wool
The time one spends on buying upper body layers leaves them with limited amount for warming up the legs. Giving comfort to your lower body in the cooler months is to switch to wool fabric. Lightweight woollen pants work great for the season, and you can always team it up with your basic shirt and blazer.