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I Turned A Kiddie Pool Into A Professional Studio By​ Kyle Braun

I recently did a photo shoot using only a cheap kiddie pool, black backdrop and fake flowers. All and all this shoot cost me under $30 […]

An It-Shoe 100 Years in the Making

You’ve likely never heard the name René Caovilla before but you’ve probably seen the Italian shoemaker’s distinctive snake shoe coiling up the ankle of Bella Hadid. […]

Céline Dion Kicks Off Tour In a Glittery Suit That’s as Fabulous as She Is

Céline Dion is undisputedly an icon. The Québécoise singer has sold millions of albums, extended her successful Las Vegas residency, and recently taken the fashion world […]

How to Tuck Non-Skinny Jeans Into Boots & Still Look Chic

Although skinny jeans are ubiquitously popular, some of us still have a real affection for flared or boot-cut jeans. That sometimes proves to be a problem […]

The right shoes for women

Running is an incredible workout for your mind and body, but not if you don’t have the right shoes. Afer all, it’s hard to really tap […]

Tagwalk Wants to Be the Google of Fashion

You may not have heard of it, but this French start-up says it has created fashion’s first search engine. Four years ago, Alexandra Van Houtte was […]

Her New Year’s Resolution Made Perfect

Last December, a 29-year-old woman made a New Year’s resolution to donate a kidney and save someone’s life. Last night, Jessica Morris made good on her […]

Volkswagen’s all-electric race car makes history

Another record has been broken this year, but this time it comes courtesy of a specially-designed electric race car developed by Volkswagen, the I.D. R Pikes […]

I Photograph Cats That Live In Beautiful Working Places

Spending time taking photos of cats, naturally turned out that there are many people who have a cat in their working place, so I decided to […]