9 White Trainers That Are Super Easy To Clean

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Cleaning anything white can be a right royal pain. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to box-fresh white footwear. Seeing as they’re in direct contact with the ground, it’s only inevitable that they’ll pick up a multitude of stains throughout the days, weeks, and months. But some white trainers are easier to clean than others. Here’s a rundown of what to look for.

Firstly, you need to take a good hard look at fabrics. Leather or a similar wipe-clean material is one of the easiest styles to choose. Simply give them a good rub with a cloth and, if they’re super dirty, a dab of non-harsh detergent with a bristle brush should do the trick. (Try washing up liquid, according to Good Housekeeping.)

But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid canvas completely. Just look for a high-quality design and mix a couple of spoons of the same mild detergent in warm water. You can either soak the shoes directly in the solution or gently clean specific spots using a toothbrush, notes Who What Wear. You can also invest in a typical stain remover or dilute a tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of water.

And sometimes, all your shoes need is a quick refresh of the laces. Simply soak laces in a bowl of hot water and detergent for around an hour and they’ll look good as new.

Thanks to their fabrics, the following trainer styles should only take a few minutes to clean. So say goodbye to throwaway fashion.

1. ’90s Style
Platform Trace Reinvent Trainers

Inject some ’90s style into your footwear with this platform style. They do come in black, but the white ones promise to look pristine in a jiffy.

2. A Smooth Operator
Laney Trainers
Kurt Geiger

For a sleek, chunky-soled pair, head straight to Kurt Geiger. Crafted from leather, all they need is a quick wipe-down.

3. The Vintage Look
Club C 85 Shoes

Super soft leather keeps this retro style comfy all day long.

4. Skate Time
Vans Old Skool Canvas Trainers

Relive your teen skating years with these old school Vans. They may be made from canvas, but their wipe clean status makes your life a whole lot easier.

5. A Sustainable Option
Veja V-10 Leather Sneakers

Designed to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, these sustainable shoes are made from responsibly sourced leather, organic cotton, and wild rubber.

6. An Updated Classic
Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top

Get a slice of the hiking trend thanks to Converse’s updated high tops.

7. School Vibes
Sports Shoes

These trainers may have a distinct P.E. vibe, but, unlike sports day, they won’t give you horrible memories.

8. The Money-Saver
White Trainers

A super simple silhouette to don day in, day out.

9. The Organic Choice
Bagger White High
Good News

Made from organic cotton, these trainers only require a little brush and rinse to stay squeaky clean.

Whatever you do, don’t put them in the washing machine. It may work, but it may also severely reduce the lifespan of your shoes.