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We get excited to revamp our wardrobe every year when summer melts into fall. The cool, crisp winter breeze gives us so many options to express our style. However, the fall makes it mandatory to wear multiple layers, so we run out of cute cold weather outfits really quickly. Just because the weather is freezing out, doesn’t mean we have to give up on style – it just means we have to think a little more creatively while dressing. Great styling is possible even during the fall’s darkest days. Here are a few tips for styling up and still stay warm this winter.

1. Build Your Look with Denim, Leather, and basic Bottoms:
Denim is a fundamental part of fashion, and this year is no exception. So make sure you have some pairs of jeans in your wardrobe to create the basic look. These could include a few pairs of bootleg-cut jeans for heavier foot coverage on colder days, or you can show off your stylish boots or shoes with a straight-legged jeans cut. And don’t forget the jeans jacket that can be paired with shoulder pads, giving you a lean, classic look from the 80’s. Hence, have a good selection of basic bottoms in your wardrobe. You can choose from standard pants, capris, and solid-colored culottes. There is a variety of lengths to select for skirts, including pencil skirts, maxis, and minis. You can also pick some leather pieces.

2. Don’t be Shy with Colors:
Intense colors are hallmarks of winter fashion this year. You’ll see bold colored dresses, bottoms, tops, and jumpsuits in reds, yellows, oranges, and deep or bright blues. But the fall is not all about highly- saturated colors. The hues for this year are also influenced by colors of metals, stones, and minerals. So you can also slay this winter with the elegance of earth tones, lavenders, or stone grays. Here is the color scheme of 2019’s fashion:
● Cherry red
● Whiskey brown
● Fuchsia pink
● Lavender (lilac)
● Marble gray
● Digital blue
● Sapphire yellow
● Olive green
● Orange
● Silver

3. Let Your Boots Steal the Show:
Winter style ultimately boils down to a great pair of boots. Show off your over-the-knee-boots by pairing them with a short dress. Pair your killer ankle boots with cuffed jeans or a dress. Don’t settle for just one style for footwear. For a great selection and super buys, shop and buy UGG boots online. Rock your look with those cowboy boots when it’s snowing. Moreover, thick-soled canvas sneakers are also making a comeback this year.

4. Embrace Faux Fur
Winter is the only time in the whole year when you can wear Faux fur. So have fun with it! Faux fur can give any of your outfits an instant upgrade. Throw on a faux fur topper, faux fur vest, or faux fur stole over your coat. You can also find cool faux fur pieces like collars or mittens to liven up your winter attire.

5. Slay with Bell-shaped Sleeves and Cuffs:
This fall is making another nod to the past with the comeback of the bell-shaped, wide sleeves or pant cuffs. This embellishment is used to compliment a form-fitting top, bottom, or jumpsuit. So your outfit doesn’t have to be patterned to catch attention. Whether you choose digital blue, marble gray, or cherry red as your main color, widened bell sleeves add flair and style to your look.

6. Play with Patterns:
● Polka Dots
Polka dots have made a comeback since 2016, and for this fall, they are still in and as playful as ever. Large polka dots are a part of the bold pattern trend for 2019. Use it alone or contrast it with a solid color top or bottom. Polka dots make a simple yet powerful style statement.
● Florals
Most people think that floral patterns are just for summer and spring. Use large floral prints with a dark background to give a wintry feel to your look. Black and white floral designs or other pairs of colors can capture the essence of colder months. Prints featuring Asian floral patterns and American landscapes are also popular this winter.
● Plaids, Checks, and Hounds-tooth Patterns:
For fall 2019, you can choose any color for this retro look. Tops and bottoms come in classic checked patterns, plaids, and hounds-tooth. You can pair up a checkered shirt with a leather jacket.