4 basic fashion tips every woman should live by

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Fashion is ever changing and every individual makes their own rules as they go.

Despite the inevitable change in the fashion world there are some basic fashion tips that every woman should live by.


No matter how banging an outfit is, if it isn’t comfortable then you are better off without it. You don’t want to wear a dress that is too tight or too short that you have to keep adjusting all the time.


Ain’t nobody got time for embarrassments that could have been avoided. Always make sure to have the right underwear on with your outfit. From the color of the underwear to making sure that the material won’t embarrass you with visible panty lines – get proper underwear for your outfits.


Accessories help bring life to your outfit. Simple gold earrings paired with a statement bracelet can go along way when it comes to making your outfit more interesting.

Try out different accessories such as body chains, scarves or even cocktail rings for a statement look.

4.Be unique

It is the best way to stand out. Try something new and go out of your comfort zone.