2019 Trend Forecast: Puffy Sleeves Aren’t Going Anywhere

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My inner avant-garde fiend had a hell of a time in 2018. This year gave me Technicolor plaids and animal prints, it delivered riveting retro revival after riveting retro revival, and it made maximalism not just socially acceptable—but straight-up trendy. It also gave me puffy sleeves.

Puffy sleeves are the kind of fashion trend I’ve dreamt of sporting since my youth—when days were spent playing princess games, watching princess movies, and dressing up as (you guessed it) princesses. The princesses I sought to emulate always sported truly incredible ball gowns, none of which were complete without a serious statement sleeve.

2018 took kindergarten Lindsey’s wildest wish and granted it, elevating puffy sleeves to full-blown trend status. It invited all of us to feel like princesses—or at least, to dress in a way that evoked them through our dresses, our blouses and our sweaters. And reader, 2019 promises to do the same.

If you’ve spent any time perusing 2019 fashion trends, you’ll know that a lot of what was big in 2018 is extending straight into the new year. Gen-Z yellow promises to become even more pervasive, PVC clothes are poised to become increasingly omnipresent, and puffy sleeves aren’t going anywhere—in fact, they’re getting bigger and bolder.

If September’s New York Fashion Week is any indication, 2019 should bring us even more iterations of the puffy sleeve than 2018; whereas Kate Spade offered a distinctly understated puffy sleeve at NYFW, Marc Jacobs brought down the house with puffy sleeves about as big as I am. Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers to pack a subtle statement or a maximalist who likes to push the boundaries of eye-catching style, this 2019 fashion trend promises to deliver a puffy sleeve piece that fits your aesthetic.

And the best news of all? Your favorite new puffy sleeve go-to might already be on the market.

STYLECASTER | 2019 Trend Forecast: Puffy Sleeves Aren

Contrasting Button Top

STYLECASTER | 2019 Trend Forecast: Puffy Sleeves Aren

Lemaire Puff

STYLECASTER | 2019 Trend Forecast: Puffy Sleeves Aren

Jill Stuart Balloon Sleeve Dress

I’ve been drooling over this Jill Stuart puffy-sleeve dress since I first saw it a few months ago. When my piggy bank is ready, it’s mine.

STYLECASTER | 2019 Trend Forecast: Puffy Sleeves Aren

Missguided Puff Sleeve Dress, $43 at ASOS

This little number combines early-aughts vibes with a distinctly 2018/2019 sleeve. The result? Sheer fashion magic—in the form of one perfect party dress.